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In 2017 Floxy Bee was installed as the Yeye Osun of Modake by the late HRM Oba Dr. Francis Adedoyin Olaogbin I, the Ogunsua of Modakeke.


She established the Osun Grove of Modakeke, established the Annual Modakeke Osun Festival, and produced the Nollywood epic “Osun the Goddess”.

I’m a traditionalist in the sense that I believe that our people’s antecedent religion is the equivalent of any religion in the world. That the religion of my people, the Orisa, must be treated on the same level as foreign religions, that their symbols, metaphors, those images which fuel my creativity, must be preserved, even internalised. Among their representations, I feel completely at home. That aspect, unfortunately, misleads people. They think that I am a fetishist, even a cultist. Other people hang the images of Saint Bernardino or Jesus Christ. How dare anybody come and tell me that my religion is a superstition when they bow and cross themselves before they go on the football field or even climb into the boxing arena to get beaten up?

Wole Soyinka

Osun The Goddess - The Movie

Osun the Goddess is a Nollywood epic centered on the interplay of the Yoruba deity Osun and women in the traditional Yoruba culture. The story itself is involves the death of a king with an inappropriate male heir and an extremely capable female princess.

Modakeke Osun Festival

The annual Osun Festival of Modakeke is held annually March ending to offer
Osun thanksgiving for the year past and supplication for the year to come.
According to the Yeye Osun of Modakeke, Floxy Bee, M.D.K.One, the Festival
continues the multigenerational Yoruba tradition of honoring Osun, our deities,
our ancestors and our culture.
Performances emphasizing the traditional culture of the Yoruba and Modakeke
are an important part of the festival
1. To give offerings and prayers to Osun thanking her for her benevolences
over the past year and to invoke her presence among the Modakekes for
the year to come.
2. To acknowledge the healing power of the river and the Osun goddess.
3. As a thanksgiving for the abundance of water and benevolences.
4. To celebrate and uphold traditions local as well as displaying local talent

In the Yoruba mythology, Osun is the most important female deity and the only female of the sixteen major Yoruba deities (Orisa). Her full appellation is Osun Seegesi Olooya Iyun which means ‘Osun the owner of the flawless, perfectly carved beaded comb.’ According to Professor Siyan Oyeweso of the College of Humanities and Culture, Osun State University: in an attempt to give the etymology of the word ‘Osun,’ Joseph Murphy and Mei-Mei Sanford explain that Osun must have been coined from ‘Orisun’ meaning ‘source’ and therefore, it may mean source of a river, a people, or children. 


Among other things, Osun is regarded, among the Yoruba, as the goddess of wealth and beauty, an herbalist or healer, a diviner, a dyer, a giver of children, a goddess of fertility, protection and blessing and a leader of women.


Osun is the most important female deity in Yoruba culture.

Modakeke is a city in Osun State, South West Nigeria, with a population of close to 500,000 people. The indigenes of Modakeke call it the Akoraye. The 38th Ooni of Ife, Oba Akinmoyero gave the Modakekes who were displaced warrior of the old Oyo empire an extended land bordering Ile-ife. The area was home to the Storks, which are large, long-legged, long-necked wading birds with long and stout bills that storks eat frogs, fish, insects, earthworms, small birds and small mammals. The bird is call ‘Ako’ in Yoruba; hence the indigenous name Akoraye, which means the Stork found a space. The etimology of the name Modakeke derives from the sound sometimes generated by the Storks which rhymes; Mo-da-ke-ke-ke-ke. Modakekes were warriors of the old Oyo Emprire, who after its collapse, established themselves in an area bordering Ile-Ife.

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