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The Queen of Hikosso Music "Taking Music Beyond Highlife" Robert Christgau The Village Voice (NY)


In 2012, Floxy Bee, The Queen of Hikosso Music, was made the Yeye Asa (Mother of the Source) ll-lfe lyanfoworogi in recognition of her musical achivements and her efforts over the years to further the musical & cultural traditions of Nigeria throughout the diaspora. Since age of sixteen she has been performing and recording. She has received numerous awards for her Hikosso music, a mixture of highlife, makossa, soukous, juju and afrobeat. She has received citations from the cities of Boston & Newark for her efforts to bridge cultures through music.

The daughter of a captain in the Nigerian army, growing up on army bases allowed her a deep understanding of the many cultural and musical traditions of Nigeria, as the army was melting pot of all of Nigeria's tribes. The church gave her an understanding of the rich African Christian tradition. The traditional culture was inscribed in her as an infant and again on her cheeks as a young girl.

About Me...


Achieving success for a woman in Africa is difficult and as a singer even harder. The Yoruba believe that a person is born with a purpose, anyone hearing Floxy Bee sing, knows that her purpose was to make music. She has done so famously in Africa and in America.

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